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18 October 2021 Starting to make new Christmas designs!  Check out What's New and Seasonal sections under Collections.

10 July 2021 Single bee hanging decorations now available!  See What's New!  I am unable to take part in Open Studios, the island wide Arts event this year but will be back in 2022!  You can order any item from the website by contacting me or by visiting the lovely Bluebells gift shop in Brighstone village which sells a wide range of my glass.


27 May 2021 Bee commission finished - have a look in What's New!  Lovely piece of amber glass like honey!


22 May 2021

Just finished some sunflower items-summer is coming!  Also some new fridge magnets with pebble effect of starfish, seahorse and crabs along with some seascape ones.  On What's new section.  Just got a little bee commission to make for a beekeeper's birthday!


7 May 2021

Finished a sanitiser sign for the lovely Bluebells gift shop in Brighstone.  A unique commission of Covid art!  William morris style coasters and keyrings added as well as Pebble seascape coasters!  See what's new section!

11 April 2021

Set of Endangered UK Butterfly coasters added to What's New Section. They are Adonis Blue, Purple Emperor, Brown Hairstreak and the IOW's Glanville Fritillary.  I became fascinated with butterflies last year and they are such good subjects for art like birds.  I have been using special glass fusing paints which are very vibrant.  Great fun to use.  Have a look!


20th March 2021

​Lots of new items added to What's new section including new range of  hand painted coasters.


21st February 2021

​Changed this page from 'What's New' to 'Blog', and included a new collection called What's New. This will feature new glass items and be updated roughly every month. So you can see all the exciting new creations in one place! Check it out here >>.


7th February 2021

​Changed all the galleries


6th February 2021

​Change to the way photos are displayed in a 'gallery'  for some of the collections. Will continue it later for the remaining collections. Some new products added including coasters, and some cool fridge magnets, if you pardon the pun! These will appear at the front of their respective collections.

28th January 2021

​Made the website mobile friendly.

26th January 2021

Looking ahead to summer! I have added a new collection called "Garden"  containing glass items related to plants, gardening etc. I've just made some plant labels containing a mini picture, and can be written on. Have a wee look>>.


24th January 2021

Site Search box added to Heading on every page. This will search for a word and when 'show all' is pressed, the results will appear on a new page. By clicking on the occurrence you want, it will take you to that page. For example if you want to see if there are any glass sunflowers, just type that in and it will show 2 results - one in clocks, and one in commissions.

23rd January 2021

Added a new collection containing miniature looking glass scenes. 

22nd January 2021

I am working on some new coaster designs of sea life, shells and flowers at the moment.  Always exciting to open the kiln to see how things have turned out!


22nd January 2021

Website goes live! Hooray!

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